Virtually là gì

A:In some contexts, yes! For example:"Virtually all plants are green.""Virtually all of the people in this town eat nothing but curry.""I wanted to put the test grades in, but virtually everyone failed!"Virtually=almost in this case, but stronger. It also comes off as a little dramatic
A:Unfortunately the meaning of the word "virtually" is highly dependent on the context in which it is used. I have sầu found that recently it is most often used lớn describe things that exist only on the internet or in some kind of digital setting as apposed lớn literal existence in a khung that can be touched, tested, or smelled.
A:<virtually> and are basically the same.-> 同じです。However, almost always, sounds better.I virtually cringed.I practically cringed.I virtually ran away.I practically ran away.The two are virtually the same.The two are practically the same.All are good and each pair have sầu the same meaning.

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A:This place is virtually empty. Should be easy khổng lồ find somewhere khổng lồ sit.That oto is virtually worthless, you should just sell it for scrap.
A:"actually" means "in truth"."My small daughter thought the man was a jewel thief, but actually he was an actor.""virtually" means "almost"."There are virtually no people with tails in the world"or"Running 41 kilometers is virtually the same as running a marathon"("virtually" also means "digitally" or "through a computer" or "online".)
A:Virtual means something isn"t real, it can be from mạng internet or any other mediums. Eg. Inspite of the fact that I never met you in person, you are my good virtual friends.But actual means the truth, or reality. Eg. The news broadcast actual information.

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A:Mmilimet ..... I don"t see any difference khổng lồ the two words. Maybe instead of word really would use practically. But when using the word practically your emphasing more expression khổng lồ the words. There was really no one at the buổi tiệc nhỏ. There was practically no one there! I really want to lớn vày that! I virtually want khổng lồ vì chưng that! It was so cold. It was virtually so cold. ...... So to me they both have the same meaning as each other but your emphasing /making what you are talking about more. Like the example the person gave sầu above. Everything in here is (really) dirty. Virtually /practically everything is dirty it sounds more dirty when you say virtually or practically. ........ I hope this makes sense it"s funny how you know when lớn use words but lớn examine is hard.
Q: 1. They’re↘︎↗︎virtually|indi↘︎stinguishable. 2. They’re virtually indi↘︎stinguishable. cái này nghe tất cả thoải mái và tự nhiên không? là một trong những gốc rễ để người tiêu dùng thảo luận kiến thức và kỹ năng của chính bản thân mình về các ngữ điệu với nền văn hóa khác biệt. Chúng tôi cấp thiết bảo đảm rằng tất cả các câu trả lời hồ hết đúng mực 100%.

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