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The Global Scale of English (GSE) is the first truly global English language standard, allowing teachers lớn more accurately and easily measure learner progress.

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Based on retìm kiếm involving over 6000 teachers from more than 50 countries, it extends the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR) by pinpointing on a scale from 10 khổng lồ 90 what needs lớn be mastered for the four skills of speaking, listening, reading and writing within a CEFR level, using a more granular approach.

Specific GSE resources then help teachers select the right learning objectives, grammar and vocabulary required for their learners khổng lồ move sầu onkhổng lồ the next màn chơi.

It"s a more effective way of selecting the right lesson, course materials or assessments at the right time.

Teachers are able to lớn use a comtháng framework from which to measure learner progress on a local, national or international level, one which provides tools that guide them in identifying areas for focus và creating appropriate lesson nội dung. 

Learners benefit by having a clear understanding of what needs lớn be mastered at each CEFR màn chơi, keeping them motivated.

The GSE helps learners answer:

How good is my English?Am I progressing?What vì chưng I need to vì next?




The GSE is designed khổng lồ tư vấn curriculum design, courseware & assessment decisions. We have aligned teaching & learning materials & assessments khổng lồ help you lớn select the most appropriate resources.



The Global Scale of English runs from 10 - 90, with clear statements for what a learner can achieve in Speaking, Listening, Reading và Writing at any point on the scale.


Learning Objectives

The GSE Learning Objectives are critical in that they provide context for teachers và learners – LOs describe what learners can do at each màn chơi of proficiency.


Courseware courseware has been developed using Global Scale of English Learning Objectives, so you can be sure that your learners are at the right cấp độ.



Institutions can develop their own assessment materials with help from the GSE Learning Objectives and assessment frameworks, or choose one of"s assessments.

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The Global Scale of English represents the most significant advance in performance-based approaches lớn language learning, teaching và assessment since the development of the Common European Framework of Reference.

- David Nunan Ph.D. Professor Emeritus of Applied Linguistics University of Hong Kong

Using the scale alongside the GSE Teacher Toolkit helps teachers find resources lớn create or tailor their existing curriculum, simplifying the task.

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Use the không tính tiền GSE Teacher Toolkit lớn find learning objectives, along with vocabulary và grammar resources.

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The granular nature of the scale, mix alongside the broader levels of the CEFR, helps motivate students as they see progress more often, even within a cấp độ.

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The Global Scale of English is the culmination of the most comprehensive, on-going academic research ever conducted in the field, involving over 6,000 teachers from 50+ countries.

We have a Technical Advisory Group (TAG) who provide their expertise in language testing, psychometrics & teaching, as well as offering advice và critical assessment. 

The papers in our retìm kiếm series cover a wide range of research projects, from exploring how the Learning Objectives were developed to lớn the creation of GSE job profiles.


Case studies

Our case studies highlight how the GSE can be used to lớn improve teaching performance and achieve sầu learning objectivies. 

You"ll find nội dung from our local and international teaching and curriculum kiến thiết experts. We will gather practical ideas on how you can use the GSE to lớn tư vấn you own teaching & learning.

We hope that you find useful tips to help motivate & inspire your learners, raise standards in teaching English, adapt your nội dung, và choose the right materials to lớn boost your learners" confidence.

The GSE Teacher Toolkit contains all four sets of Learning Objectives (aligned to both the GSE and the CEFR), GSE Grammar and GSE Vocabulary in a single, searchable online database.

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A recent survey of over 200 teachers using the GSE Teacher Toolkit in the classroom found:

74% have sầu used it khổng lồ select appropriate vocabulary & grammar67% have sầu used it khổng lồ create supplementary materialsvà 66% have sầu used it to plan lessons.
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