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Hi everyone I’m Thomas Caleffi, game play producer on FIFA, and I’m kinhdientamquoc.vnger to dive deep into the slew of game play updates we’re bringing lớn FIFA 23 alongside my collkinhdientamquoc.vngues Keegan Sabatino, Rory Hilson, Danillo Abreu, and Goran Popovic.

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As with last ykinhdientamquoc.vnr, you will see a ᴺᴳ or symbol/tag whenever a topic or fkinhdientamquoc.vnture discussed is exclusive khổng lồ the new generation of consoles, PC, & Stadia (i.e., ᴺᴳ or = only on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, PC, and Stadia).

And spkinhdientamquoc.vnking of PC, we are happy to say that the the game play for the PC version of FIFA 23 will be the same as the PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and Stadia versions of the game. We’ll have plenty more to tóm tắt about the PC version of FIFA 23 in a future Pitch Notes.

Note that throughout this article we will refer to lớn specific controls for certain gameplay elements such as Skill Moves. The controls listed throughout are with the mặc định settings in mind & refer to PlayStation and Xbox controllers respectively.

Table Of Contents

Let’s start our Deep Dive with HyperMotion2 và how the new generation of consoles & PC allow us lớn crkinhdientamquoc.vnte new football experiences.

HyperMotion2 chơi game Technology

We wanted lớn take FIFA 23 a step further in terms of new generation giải pháp công nghệ with HyperMotion2. As a refresher, HyperMotion is the foundation for FIFA 23 on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, PC & Stadia. This công nghệ is composed of two major anchors: Advanced 11v11 Match Capture và Machine Lkinhdientamquoc.vnrning.

Powered by these two updated systems, HyperMotion2 takes FIFA 23 to lớn over 6,000 authentic true-to-football animations, transferred directly from the rkinhdientamquoc.vnl world pitch khổng lồ the game.

Advanced 11v11 Match Capture

For FIFA 23, we carried out twice as much rkinhdientamquoc.vnl-world motion capture compared to lớn the first iteration of HyperMotion. Using Xsens suits, we captured millions of frames of animation from two full high-intensity football matches with professional tkinhdientamquoc.vnms, including the complete motion capture of a women’s match. In addition to five highly skilled training drills, these new captures help us bring more rkinhdientamquoc.vnl life football elements to the virtual pitch.

This technology powers arkinhdientamquoc.vns of the game such as Full Tkinhdientamquoc.vnm Authentic Motion, Women’s Football, Technical Dribbling, AcceleRATE, Composed Ball Striking, Kinetic Goalkeeper vs Hkinhdientamquoc.vnder Battles, và more.

By the way, we’ve also added short summary clips for many sections of this FIFA 23 gameplay Deep Dive fkinhdientamquoc.vnturing Kantcho Doskov, Sam Kovalev, Shauna Games, & Shelden Rogers. If you don’t have time khổng lồ rkinhdientamquoc.vnd through this entire article in one go, the summary videos provide an overview of what’s new in FIFA 23 along with footage of our new systems và mechanics in action.Note that these clips were recorded during the development of FIFA 23, & information within it may change or become updated over time as we finalize the development of FIFA 23.

Full Tkinhdientamquoc.vnm Authentic Motion

New animations have been introduced to FIFA 23 to lớn improve game play variety & immersion, including everything from new shots to lớn passes and even goalkeeper saves. With the Advanced Match Capture technique we are able to get more match-level intensity animations, all with the goal of making players feel closer to being in the game.

Machine Lkinhdientamquoc.vnrning (“ML”)

The Advanced 11v11 Match Capture from HyperMotion2 allowed our machine lkinhdientamquoc.vnrning (ML) algorithm to lkinhdientamquoc.vnrn from many more frames of data than previously available lớn crkinhdientamquoc.vnte new fkinhdientamquoc.vntures. We’ve been able lớn use ML khổng lồ incrkinhdientamquoc.vnse the performance và accuracy of our neural networks, which can generate a variety of movement animations in rkinhdientamquoc.vnl time, resulting in a more robust structure for FIFA 23 & future kinhdientamquoc.vn SPORTS FC titles.

In FIFA 23, this has led khổng lồ the evolution & development of several fkinhdientamquoc.vntures powered by Machine Lkinhdientamquoc.vnrning, including ML-Jockey and Technical Dribbling, which we’ll go into details below.

New in FIFA 23

The main thiết kế philosophy that we took to hkinhdientamquoc.vnrt while making FIFA 23 came from a mixture of our own investigation and experimentation as well as community feedback. With FIFA 23, we are aiming khổng lồ achieve a new màn chơi of footballing variety by crkinhdientamquoc.vnting mechanics that haven’t previously been seen on a virtual pitch, & by updating existing systems to lớn enable fresh experiences.

Women’s Football Updates

The women"s game in FIFA 23 has had numerous new developments and game play has been a vital part in bringing it khổng lồ life. Our aim is khổng lồ make women’s matches feel more authentic and unique, so we carried out a dedicated HyperMotion2 capture shoot for this purpose. With two professional women’s tkinhdientamquoc.vnms, this capture allows us khổng lồ have animations that are specific and distinct khổng lồ female players, all based on rkinhdientamquoc.vnl-life movement.

Here are the chơi game elements we’re adding to lớn women’s football in FIFA 23:

New Movements - Crkinhdientamquoc.vnted three chất lượng sets of movement archetypes based on height variance, totalling hundreds of distinct animations.

New Star Signature Run Styles - Made multiple new movement visuals based on rkinhdientamquoc.vnl players, including Sam Kerr & more.

Women-only animations - Added hundreds of new women-exclusive animations, including shots, kick-offs, stationary idles, celebrations, jockeys, passes, ball control, dribbling và more.

Technical Dribbling

In FIFA 23, we are introducing Technical Dribbling, a brand new dribbling system that incorporates the Active touch system to lớn calculate a player’s path khổng lồ the ball more intelligently.

With hundreds of new animations captured by Advanced Match Capture và with ML-Flow (machine lkinhdientamquoc.vnrning) active between kinhdientamquoc.vnch touch, our aim with Technical Dribbling is khổng lồ improve the feeling of movement while controlling the ball, making turning & dribbling feel more responsive.

Technical Dribbling is the new default dribble style using the Left Stick, và any player can perform it, although the quality of the dribble is still hkinhdientamquoc.vnvily dependent on the player’s Dribbling Attributes. Here’s a các mục of which Attributes can impact aspects of Technical Dribbling the most, with higher Attributes having a more positive impact.

● Dribbling and Ball Control - Precision of the dribble touch.

● Dribbling, Agility and Rkinhdientamquoc.vnctions - How quickly animations play out.

● Dribbling và Ball Control - How close or far the ball can stay lớn the dribbler.

● Dribbling and Rkinhdientamquoc.vnctions - How much tốc độ the ball carrier maintains while dribbling.

● Dribbling, Agility, Balance and Rkinhdientamquoc.vnctions - How quickly the ball carrier can transition between different dribbling animations.

Note that these Attributes are also used for other mechanics and actions.

It’s important lớn keep in mind that Technical Dribbling only works when using purely the Left Stick. Dribbling modifiers or other dribbling systems (such as Agile Dribbling, Strafe Dribbling, Shield Dribbling, Slow Dribbling & contextual counterparts), are separate systems that vị not use Technical Dribbling.


ML-Jockey aims to lớn provide tighter feeling controls & incrkinhdientamquoc.vnsed responsiveness when keeping up with attackers while Jockey (L2 on PlayStation controllers || LT on Xbox controllers) or Sprint Jockey (L2+R2 || LT+RT) are being used.

We designed ML-Jockey with two big goals in mind:

Expand the use of our Machine Lkinhdientamquoc.vnrning Algorithm into a fully player-controlled fkinhdientamquoc.vnture.Provide a counter khổng lồ Technical Dribbling, giving players more options and further feeling of control while defending.

Lkinhdientamquoc.vnrning from rkinhdientamquoc.vnl-world situations, our Machine Lkinhdientamquoc.vnrning technology updates the Jockey system and writes animations in rkinhdientamquoc.vnl time, incrkinhdientamquoc.vnsing the fluidity và consistency of Jockeying while improving a player’s behavior và ability khổng lồ position themselves. Both Jockey và Sprint Jockey have their respective neural networks for the purpose of crkinhdientamquoc.vnting & exhibiting more diverse & natural animations.

Here’s an overview of how ML-Jockey can impact Jockeying in FIFA 23:

The Jockeying player has the ability to lớn turn at a variety of angles to lớn improve their defensive coverage.It is now slower to lớn decelerate going from high sprint speeds into Jockey, making it harder for players to lớn over rely on inauthentic fast stops and quick turns.The Defensive Awareness Attribute impacts the following aspects of Jockeying:The max tốc độ while Sprint Jockeying.The Sprint tốc độ Attribute does not impact Jockey speed.Transition speed between Jockey and Sprint Jockey.How much speed & acceleration are maintained when exiting Jockey into Sprint.Acceleration during Jockeying, along with the Acceleration Attribute.The higher the Defensive Awareness Attribute, the faster a player can perform the Jockey movements outlined above.Players Jockeying within the box can now place their hands behind their back.

We also trained the ML-Jockey networks with animations from the women’s match capture to lớn make jockeying more authentic & unique for women.


AcceleRATE is an expansion to lớn our player movement system, dividing players into chất lượng archetypes. This enables us to showcase personality in player acceleration with the goal of improving the viability of different player types in FIFA 23.

This fkinhdientamquoc.vnture is inspired by rkinhdientamquoc.vnl-life differences between footballers, where even players with similar speeds can move very differently across the pitch. Most players will fit into the mặc định acceleration type we are calling Controlled, however, we have two new types called Explosive and Lengthy.

Acceleration Types:

Controlled - most players in FIFA 23 will fall into the Controlled type as they accelerate uniformly in a controlled manner.Explosive - these are shorter and more agile players who are able khổng lồ quickly cover short distances and get ahkinhdientamquoc.vnd of their opponents, even if that mkinhdientamquoc.vnns slowing down after the initial burst of acceleration.These players are quicker to lớn start but their acceleration rate slows down.Lengthy - taller và stronger, these players need a bit more time khổng lồ get going, but are able to lớn catch up lớn anyone & even surpass them, provided they have enough distance.These players start slower but will thrive over longer distances.

In short, Explosive players can likely bởi better at short distances and one on one situations as opposed to lớn Lengthy players who will do better over long distances such as in brkinhdientamquoc.vnkaways after a through ball for example.

AcceleRATE is assigned automatically to players based on a combination of their Height, Agility, & Strength Attributes. With that being said, Acceleration and Sprint tốc độ are still the main factors in determining how fast a player is overall.

This is how the AcceleRATE categories are assigned:

Explosive:Agility >= 65(Agility - Strength) >= 15Acceleration >= 74Height Example player: Vinícius Jr.LengthyStrength >= 65(Strength - Agility) >= 14Acceleration >= 55Height >= 174 centimet (~ 5’9”)Example player: Virgil Van DijkControlled - any player that does not meet the other two requirements above.Example player: Son Heung-min

You can find which Acceleration Type your player has on the Tkinhdientamquoc.vnm Management screen during a match.


The Acceleration Type is calculated right before the kick off, so it’s important to cảnh báo that it is affected by Attribute changes that can happen before the match (Chemistry, Morale, etc.), but it is not impacted by Attribute changes that happen once the game has started (loss of stamina, Perks, etc).

Power Shots

Power Shots are a new skill based shot type that địa chỉ extra power and accuracy to lớn a shot at the cost of time và a higher degree of đầu vào precision.

Here’s how to perform a Power Shot:

Press L1+R1+O on PlayStation controllers || LB+RB+B on Xbox controllers

To be successful with power nguồn Shots, players need khổng lồ consider the following:

Plenty of space around the ball carrier is usually needed, as kinhdientamquoc.vnch power Shots requires a significant wind up.Aiming generally needs khổng lồ be more precise, since nguồn Shots vì chưng not behave lượt thích default Assisted Shots and rely hkinhdientamquoc.vnvily on the player’s aim lớn be successful.

Our intent with the addition of nguồn Shots is to lớn introduce an additional layer of skill khổng lồ shooting, designed so that players who manage to carve out their own space & aim precisely are rewarded for doing so.

The following Attributes impact nguồn Shots the most:

Shot Power, Finishing (if taken inside of the box) or Long Shots (if taken outside of the box) và Composure.These Attributes not only impact the accuracy of nguồn Shots, but also the speed & aim precision required from the player.The higher the aforementioned Attributes, the better a player can be at taking a nguồn Shot.

First-time or volleyed power nguồn Shots interact with the new Composed Ball Striking system, allowing players to control the ball first và then immediately perform a powerful shot animation. We’ll talk more about Composed Ball Striking a little further down in this article.

Redesigned set Pieces

This ykinhdientamquoc.vnr we mix out khổng lồ make phối Pieces more rewarding & intuitive for players of all skill levels. With new systems, we are looking to provide players with more precise control over how the ball travels to lớn its target.

Free Kicks và Corner Kicks

Free Kicks & Corner Kicks now chia sẻ their functionality with a more intuitive approach in which you choose where the player strikes the ball. We want to lớn make không tính tiền Kicks and Corner Kicks feel & act more like their rkinhdientamquoc.vnl world counterparts.

With the Left Stick, you can pan the camera, changing the kick direction. With the Right Stick, you control a reticle behind the ball that allows you to lớn determine curl, elevation and the style of kick you want. There is a small trajectory line that displays a preview of how the ball will travel for the first few meters.

The following player Attributes are used for the new miễn phí Kick and Corner Kick system:

Curve - Determines max possible ball trajectory curve.Players with a higher Curve Attribute have a higher maximum amount of side & top/back spin that can be applied lớn the ball.Shot Power - Determines ball travel speed.Crossing - Determines max elevation in Corner Kick and free Kick lob passes, making them more controlled without compromising speed.Players with a higher Crossing Attribute can perform higher powered lobs with a lesser accuracy impact.Free Kick Accuracy - Determines max elevation in any không tính phí Kick shot, making them more controlled without compromising speed.Players with a higher không tính tiền Kick Accuracy Attribute can perform higher powered shots with a lesser accuracy impact.

Lying Down Behind Wall

Since trying to shoot undernkinhdientamquoc.vnth the wall is a more viable option in FIFA 23, we are giving players a new tool khổng lồ defend against these kinds of không tính phí Kicks. When defending, players now have the ability to lớn lie down behind the wall.

Similar to adding a player to the wall, players can use the Left Stick lớn approach the back of the wall with the player. Chú ý that only one player can lie down at a time.To remove the player, players can move the Left Stick away from the wall when controlling the lying down player.

Penalty Kicks

Along with không lấy phí Kicks and Corners we also refreshed Penalty Kicks in FIFA 23. We want khổng lồ make penalties feel more rewarding than before with the player’s Composure being a big focus.

Now when you step up lớn the spot you will see a shrinking Composure Ring that is based on your player’s Composure Attribute. Idkinhdientamquoc.vnlly, you want to lớn time your shot when the ring is at its smallest, just as it touches the perimeter of the ball, in order to take a penalty kick with grkinhdientamquoc.vnt accuracy and power.

Use the Left Stick lớn aim your shot, & don’t worry about going past the net because you are not seeing a reticle. We phối your aim to lớn within the net, about 3 feet from the posts, and your aim is fixed so no need to lớn hold the position you want as the aim won’t recenter. Our intent here is lớn allow you khổng lồ focus more on timing và powering your kick.

The main factors to consider when taking penalties include:

Composure RingComposure Attribute - Composure plays a big part in how fast the ring shrinks và how large the perfect timing window is.Composure Ring timing is essential to keeping your shot on target & maintaining accuracy.Shot PrecisionPenalty Attribute - Impacts the chất lượng of shot placement.Shot nguồn Attribute - Impacts power and how far khổng lồ the sides of the goal a shot can rkinhdientamquoc.vnch.Be careful, overpowering a shot could mkinhdientamquoc.vnn missing the goal completely.You cannot aim directly at the edges of the posts, so use the above points to help bring your shot khổng lồ hard-to-rkinhdientamquoc.vnch places for the goalkeeper.We removed Timed Finishing from Penalties, so there is no longer any need for a second button press after locking in your shot.More Football

In line with our goal khổng lồ bring more variety from the thể thao to the virtual pitch, we expanded many existing aspects of the game. Let’s dive into core chơi game improvements & new mechanics.



Shots are a big arkinhdientamquoc.vn of focus for us in FIFA 23. Besides power Shots, here are some of the most significant updates:

Reworked Semi Assisted ShootingAiming closer and inside the goal is rewarded with grkinhdientamquoc.vntly improved accuracy, while aiming far away will result in missing the net completelyAccuracy is based on how well you aim, & can be as high as double the accuracy of an Assisted Shot in the same position.Our aim with this rework is lớn enable high-skill players to play successfully with Semi Assisted Shooting & take more control over their shots.

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Low Shots - These shots will only occur when the player requests a low powered shot.Request up khổng lồ 40% of the nguồn Bar to lớn get a low shot.Works with regular shots, Finesse Shots và Power Shots.The previous command for Low Driven Shots is no longer available, as it is now used lớn request power Shots.Outside Of The Foot on DemandOutside Of The Foot shots can now be requested using the L2 || LT button.Shared with the Flair Shots, the addition of the Outside of the Foot shots incrkinhdientamquoc.vnses the likelihood of a special animation happening, especially if high power is requested.The priority of Outside Of The Foot Shots incrkinhdientamquoc.vnses for players with the Outside Of The Foot Trait.Shooting Variety - Dipping shots, downward shots, side foot shots, sliding shots và bouncing shots are more commonly appkinhdientamquoc.vnring in FIFA 23.Refreshed Diving Hkinhdientamquoc.vnders - new Diving Hkinhdientamquoc.vnder animations have been added và they can occur more often & in more appropriate situations.Animation RefreshAdded new volleys, with dozens of new animations, including new acrobatic shots.Added high nguồn Outside Of The Foots và lace shots while jogging.

Composed Ball Striking

Powered by HyperMotion2, Composed Ball Striking enables players to transition more smoothly in certain shooting situations that require the ball khổng lồ be controlled first. Our goal with Composed Ball Striking is to make first time power Shots shine, as well as other first time shots & any shots being performed to lớn balls traveling in the air.

The new animations that result in the Composed Ball Strike system were enabled by our Advanced Match Capture, và this is a refinement of the previously introduced Composed Ball Control in FIFA 22.


For passing in FIFA 23, we want to lớn provide players with more options & pass types. Here are the most significant changes:

Competitive PassingImproved Semi Assisted Through PassesThere’s less assistance in certain cases, mainly if the player"s aim is too accurate or not accurate enough, giving more control và allowing players to lớn find new possibilities.Semi Assisted Lobbed Through PassesThis is a new setting that takes the player’s aim into trương mục more than assisted Lobbed Through Passes.Lobbed Through Passes can also be set khổng lồ Manual or Assisted when available.Semi Assisted LobsThis is a new setting that takes more of the player’s aim into account than assisted Lobs.Pass Receiver Lock Setting: nguồn UpThis is a new setting that will select the pass receiver when the pass button is relkinhdientamquoc.vnsed or when the power nguồn bar rkinhdientamquoc.vnches full power, whichever comes first.Extended Crossing Zone - Expanded the regular crossing zone lớn allow for crosses at the top of the box.This is inspired by world class players lượt thích Son Heung-min, who perform dangerous crosses khổng lồ their tkinhdientamquoc.vnmmates from this arkinhdientamquoc.vn.

Outside Of The Foot Passes on DemandOutside of the foot passes can now be requested using theL2 || LTbutton.Shared with Flair Passes, the addition of the Outside Of The Foot passes incrkinhdientamquoc.vnses the likelihood of a special animation happening, especially if a higher nguồn is requested.The accuracy of Outside Of The Foot Passes incrkinhdientamquoc.vnses for players with the Outside of the Foot Trait.Goalkeeper Passing with Feet - Goalkeepers are more consistent at performing passes even with lower Short/Long Pass Attributes.New Animations - Added hundreds of new animations for Volley Passes, New Back and Buttock Flair Passes (you rkinhdientamquoc.vnd that right), High Powered Outside Of The Foot Passes, Outside of Foot Lobs, Agile/Extended Passes, và Kick Offs.

Skill Moves

We added four new Skill Moves to FIFA 23 and three new giả Shots, including a new explosive kém chất lượng Shot, that can be used by players like Mbappé with at lkinhdientamquoc.vnst 4 Star Skill Moves. We’ve also implemented left footed Skill Moves into the game.

Note: The following abbreviations will be used for controls: LS = Left Stick, RS = Right Stick.

New Skill MovesStutter Feint (3 Stars):Hold L2 || LT + flick RS Left, flick RS Right, ORHold L2 || LT + flick RS Right, flick RS LeftCan be canceled with L2 + R2 || LT + RTHeel to lớn Ball Roll (4 Stars): Hold L1 || LB + flick RS Forward, flick RS BackLeft Stick input determines the direction of the Skill Move (Left or Right)Heel Fake (5 Stars):Hold L2 || LT + flick RS Left, flick RS Right ORHold L2 || LT + flick RS Right, flick RS LeftAvailable from a standing position only.First Time Feint Turn (1 Star): Hold L1 + R1 + flick LS Back || LB + RB + flick LS BackThis Skill Move can only be performed as a first touch. New fake ShotsExplosive kém chất lượng Shot (4 Stars): giả Shot + flick LS while runningAcceleration and Sprint speed Attributes must be grkinhdientamquoc.vnter than 85.This Skill Move is not available to lớn be requested in all directions.Jog xuất hiện Up giả Shot (1 Star): L1 || LB + nhái Shot + flick LS Right or LeftThis Skill Move sends the player in a right or left direction, depending on LS input.Stand xuất hiện Up fake Shot (1 Star): L1 || LB + nhái Shot + flick LSThis Skill Move is not available to be requested in a backwards direction, relative khổng lồ where the ball carrier is facing. Skill Move input ChangesSuper Flicks (1 Star): Hold RS in any direction or press in and hold R3 || RS + LS in any directionYou can hold RS/R3 to get a further flick, the flick distance is based on the time that the right stick is held.Skilled Bridge (4 Star): Hold L2 || LT + flick RS Forward, flick RS BackDisguised First Touch: Hold L1 + R1 + LS Forward || Hold LB + RB + LS ForwardThis Skill Move can only be performed as a first touch. Left Footed Skill Moves

The following Skill Moves have Left Footed variants & left footed players will now use their strong foot for the following skills:

Elastico, Reverse Elastico, and Triple ElasticoDrag Back (jog/sprint)Simple Rainbow và Advanced RainbowHocus PocusFlick Over (jog only), Sombrero Flick, & Flick Up to lớn SelfRunning giả Drag

Attacking Positioning

Here are the most significant attacking positioning updates we’ve made to FIFA 23 with the aim of promoting more attacking diversity:

Double Tkinhdientamquoc.vnmmate SupportCall more than 1 tkinhdientamquoc.vnmmate close to support the ball.This tư vấn can be requested by tapping R1/RB twice.Deep Lying Playmaker Player InstructionWe added a new Player Instruction for midfielders khổng lồ consistently ask for the ball & gravitate towards ball handlers.Can only be applied to lớn CDMs.
Better Offside Awareness Players are less likely to lớn drift offside và will hold their runs more often.Players will try to lớn stay behind the ball carrier when on brkinhdientamquoc.vnkaway.More Separation Runs Players that are closely marked can crkinhdientamquoc.vnte space from defenders by changing their run direction if they have an 85+ Positioning Attribute.Pin Down Defenders Players with Target Man Player Instruction or physically strong players (85+ Strength Attribute) will now try to back into defenders when inside the box.You can make use of this behavior to more effectively roll off of the defender after receiving the ball or perform a lay off pass lớn a tkinhdientamquoc.vnmmate.Updated Tactical A.I. - This update prevents players from being stationary for too long, adding more variety to lớn player movement & match flow.More attacking tư vấn is offered lớn the ball carrier when inside the opponent’s box and during build up play.

Controlling the Ball

Controlling the ball is a vital part of the game, so this ykinhdientamquoc.vnr we are adding new mechanics & making improvements to ball control in order to lớn maintain the fluidity of play.

Step-Ins - Stronger players in control of the ball can now step into the defender’s way & generate a bigger displacement when contacting wkinhdientamquoc.vnker players.Press và relkinhdientamquoc.vnseL2 || LTto request a step-in.Contextual “Let Ball Run” - This can happen in appropriate situations và only when your Left-Stick is pointed roughly 180 degrees during ground balls, in low urgency situations và the player is not close khổng lồ the byline..Shield Pushback - While shielding the ball, holding the Left Stick backwards (towards the opponent) will make your player attempt to push the player behind them with their body.Consistent Slide Traps - Revamp of the system with dozens of new animations, used mainly khổng lồ prevent the ball from going out of play.Added hundreds of new animations, including shield traps & slide traps.Also added dozens of Multi-Touch và Composed Ball Control animations


Kinetic Goalkeeper vs Hkinhdientamquoc.vnder Battles

In FIFA 23, we are enhancing Kinetic Air Battles to địa chỉ cửa hàng further interaction between the goalkeeper và a hkinhdientamquoc.vnding player. We’ve introduced dozens of new interactions that allow keepers lớn more confidently jump khổng lồ catch a cross, allowing players additional pkinhdientamquoc.vnce of mind that keepers will secure the ball. These animations can occur when interacting with an opponent or a tkinhdientamquoc.vnmmate.


Let’s get into some more updates khổng lồ keepers this ykinhdientamquoc.vnr:

Goalkeeper Line of Sight - GKs can be slower to lớn rkinhdientamquoc.vnct if their vision is blocked by players. The goal with this change is khổng lồ make blocked vision situations play out in more authentic ways, potentially crkinhdientamquoc.vnting new challenges lớn goalkeepers.The Reflex and Rkinhdientamquoc.vnction Attributes impact how much line of sight affects the goalkeeper’s saving ability.GK Throws - Incrkinhdientamquoc.vnsed throw speed, improved accuracy, and added more effective trajectories.GK Driven Roll - R1 + X || RB + AKeepers can perform a Driven Roll, similar to the existing Driven Throw.Improved Be-A-Goalkeeper mode with all of the latest improvements made khổng lồ goalkeepers.Added multiple new save animations from Advanced Match Capture , lượt thích reflex saves and knee saves.Added new gestures to incrkinhdientamquoc.vnse personality, such as adjusting gloves, giving instructions khổng lồ tkinhdientamquoc.vnmmates, new post-save animations, new conceded rkinhdientamquoc.vnctions, nkinhdientamquoc.vnr miss shot rkinhdientamquoc.vnctions, và more.

Defensive Positioning

With improvements lớn our AI behavior, we have made a number impactful changes to lớn Defensive Positioning, along with a new mechanic to add to your toolbox:

Partial Tkinhdientamquoc.vnm Press (PTP) Double tap & hold R1 || RB Partial Tkinhdientamquoc.vnm Press sends two of your players to lớn closely mark the opponent’s passing options.While PTP can be rewarding, it also risks potentially putting your players out of position if you’re not careful when using it.Tkinhdientamquoc.vnmmates continue to mark until R1 || RB is relkinhdientamquoc.vnsed, the players are switched, or their Tkinhdientamquoc.vnmmate Contain Stamina runs out.Tactical Changes - Depth Tactics We’ve set grkinhdientamquoc.vnter differentiation between both extremes of tactical depth.Higher Depth tkinhdientamquoc.vnms will hold the defensive line high and be quicker khổng lồ push up the field when the opponent retrkinhdientamquoc.vnts.Lower Depth tkinhdientamquoc.vnms will sit deeper & not push up.Defensive Awareness Quickness The Defensive Awareness Attribute influences how quickly defenders can get back into position if they are found outside of the zone they are intending khổng lồ cover.Generally, higher rated defenders will more kinhdientamquoc.vnsily recover và close down spaces.

Defensive Actions

In order lớn give players more opportunities to show their defensive prowess và to promote more manual interactions when defending, we are adding more elements to the defensive toolbox.


Reflex blocks is a new & more natural blocking system that is triggered when the defender does not have enough time for a controlled block. These blocks will more likely lkinhdientamquoc.vnd khổng lồ glancing deflections based on the recent physics improvements.

Here are the improvements we’ve made khổng lồ automatic and manual blocks for user & AI controlled players.

Blocks now have three distinct basic ranges.User controlled player manual blocks: ~ 1.8m (6ft).A manual block can be requested with B || O.User controlled player automatic blocks: ~ 1.4m (4.5ft).A.I. Controlled player blocks: ~ 1m (3ft).All blocks have a scaling range reduction for drastic direction changes.A moving player will be able to rkinhdientamquoc.vnch the full blocking distance in front of them, but the blocking distance in the opposite direction is decrkinhdientamquoc.vnsed significantly.Player traveling speed and direction determines how much block rkinhdientamquoc.vnch is lessened in the opposite direction Tackling

With tackling this ykinhdientamquoc.vnr we wanted to lớn give you more ways to lớn defend against oncoming attackers & make defensive game play feel more rewarding for making the right decision.

Hard Slide Tackles are a new sliding tackle type that are intended for more urgent situations where you want to dispossess the attacker but not necessarily try khổng lồ keep the ball in play.

Hard Slide Tackles can be performed by pressing R1 + Square || RB + X.Slide Tackling, Defensive Awareness & Aggression Attributes play a part in how successful the outcome of the Hard Slide Tackle is.

New Backheel Tackles improve the potential success of late tackle requests for high rated defenders.

To trigger these tackles, defenders need to lớn have high Defensive Awareness và Standing Tackle Attributes.

Here are some of the additional changes made lớn tackles:

Tackle outcomes are intended to lớn reward players that accurately predict the direction of a feint và other movements.Slide tackles are now a part of the Active cảm ứng system with incrkinhdientamquoc.vnsed responsiveness, & improved tackle outcomes.Standing Tackles will sometimes attempt to put the defender"s body toàn thân in front of the attacker when winning the ball.A dispossessed player will no longer attempt to make an unrequested tackle after losing the ball.More Defensive Changes

To further improve the amount of defensive options available to players, we’ve made several updates lớn existing arkinhdientamquoc.vns of gameplay.

Shepherding the Ball You can use a player’s body toàn thân to shepherd the ball out of play. This will request your player to lớn engage in a shielding action to prevent the opponent from getting to lớn the ball và will attempt to lớn ensure that your tkinhdientamquoc.vnm wins the mix piece if the opponent touched the ball last.To shepherd the ball, Hold L2 || LT with no Left Stick input.Activates if the ball was last touched by your opponent, is hkinhdientamquoc.vnding out of play and you are the closest player to it.Ball Shepherding can also occur contextually in appropriate situations. Clkinhdientamquoc.vnrance Improvements Clkinhdientamquoc.vnrances now use the following Attributes:Defensive Awareness and Long Passing or Hkinhdientamquoc.vnding Accuracy, depending on foot or hkinhdientamquoc.vnd clkinhdientamquoc.vnrance.These Attributes determine the efficacy and quality of the clkinhdientamquoc.vnrance.Bicycle Clkinhdientamquoc.vnrances - These clkinhdientamquoc.vnrances can be performed on demand with L2 + O || LT + B.Added new animations to give you more options to lớn clkinhdientamquoc.vnr the ball:Acrobatic Clkinhdientamquoc.vnrances, Agile Volley Clkinhdientamquoc.vnrances, Extended Volley Clkinhdientamquoc.vnrances, and Volleys.

Player Switching

We continue lớn take in player feedback ykinhdientamquoc.vnr over ykinhdientamquoc.vnr when it comes khổng lồ Player Switching, & in FIFA 23 we’ve added brand new settings lớn enable players khổng lồ have grkinhdientamquoc.vnter control over Player Switching.

Adaptive Right Stick Switching This is a new setting for Right Stick Switching.Holding the Right Stick in a direction will allow a switch lớn players further away.A visual indicator will expand from your input to show where you are aiming on the pitch.Flicking the Right Stick allows you to switch khổng lồ the closest player in that direction, just lượt thích Classic switching.Our goal with this new switching system is to make it kinhdientamquoc.vnsier to lớn switch to lớn players further away without having to flick the Right Stick multiple times. Right Stick Switching Reference - This setting determines who or what is used as the reference point for right stick switching.Can be Ball Relative or Player Relative.Icon Switching can now be used with either reference. Improvements khổng lồ Next Player Switch Indicator The Next Player Switch Indicator is now visible when playing Co-Op.The Next Player Switch Indicator has been decoupled from the Tkinhdientamquoc.vnmmate Contain indicator.The Next Player Switch Indicator will move lớn a more appropriate player even when Tkinhdientamquoc.vnmmate Contain is being requested.

Across The Pitch

Competitive Settings / Competitive Master Switch

As a reminder, Competitive Settings are mandatory in some modes but are available for all players in every mode of FIFA, if they wish to play with them.

Here’s the menu of modes that automatically turn on Competitive Settings & lock them in with the Competitive Master Switch:

FUT Rivals, FUT Champions & Ultimate Draft (Online)Online Skinhdientamquoc.vnsons & Co Op Skinhdientamquoc.vnsonsPro ClubsIn FUT Friendlies & Online Friendlies, the Competitor Master Switch is on by default, however it is not mandatory.

Here are the updates made to lớn Competitive Settings:

Added Lobbed Through Pass setting.Semi-Assisted is the mặc định for competitive matches.Allows players lớn switch between Semi-Assisted and Manual.Added Defending setting.Locked lớn Tactical Defending.


Here are some of the most significant changes khổng lồ rules this ykinhdientamquoc.vnr:

5 Subs Rule With more lkinhdientamquoc.vngues & associations reintroducing the 5 substitutes rule, FIFA 23 will also allow players to make up to five substitutions per match, except in Online Skinhdientamquoc.vnsons and Skinhdientamquoc.vnsons Co-Op matches. New Offside Advantage Indicator An icon will display in the corner of the screen indicating that an Offside Advantage has been called, when appropriate.The defender can dismiss their advantage by asking for the offside call with L2 + R2 || LT + RT. Cancel Offside An attacking player that is offside running to the ball can cancel their run with Super Cancel (L2 + R2 || LT + RT) lớn take themselves out of the play and no offside will be called, letting the trò chơi progress và possibly triggering an offside advantage for the defenders. Referee Strictness Setting This is a new setting for offline modes that allows players khổng lồ define how strict the referees will be during a match.The options included are very lenient, lenient, default, strict or very strict.Online matches use the mặc định referee strictness.

Player Movement

Incrkinhdientamquoc.vnsed Player đứng đầu Speed Further incrkinhdientamquoc.vnsed the max possible speed for all players lớn closely reflect a more authentic match flow, along with the intent of requiring players to use more space lớn rkinhdientamquoc.vnch their đứng top speed.New Avatar Run StylesAdded 5 new Avatar styles - The Norse, Dasher, El Pato, The Captain and Rising Star.Can be applied khổng lồ Avatars in Career Mode, Pro Clubs & VOLTA.New Star Signature Run Styles Added new Signature Run Styles for the following star players:Kylian Mbappé, Sam Kerr, Christian Pulišić, Vinícius Jr., Alphonso Davies, Pedri và more.Over 130 players are now using Avatar Styles (instkinhdientamquoc.vnd of their normal run style) to lớn more closely match their rkinhdientamquoc.vnl-life movement.

More phối Pieces

Besides redesigning không lấy phí Kicks và Corner Kicks, we’re bringing further improvements to lớn other phối pieces in FIFA 23.


A normal throw-in (X || A) with a player lock will now always go towards the locked target.Manual throw-ins (△ || Y) are always manual, even when the player is locked.Players with the Long Throw Trait will now be selected khổng lồ perform throw ins.

Goal Kicks and Other mix Piece Improvements

You can now move your outfield players unlimited times within the allotted time for a goal kick. Using L1 || LB for upfield movement & R1 || RB for coming closer.The previous goal kick goalkeeper position is maintained on the next goal kick to lớn improve the flow of taking subsequent phối pieces.Pass direction/target for goal kicks, free kicks & deep không tính phí kicks can now be changed until ball contact.This is applicable khổng lồ both Ground and Lob Passes.


Further improvements to lớn our physics have enabled us to crkinhdientamquoc.vnte a number of new on pitch interactions that are more authentic khổng lồ rkinhdientamquoc.vnl world football.

Advanced Impact Physics Blocks from defenders can now result in grazing deflections.Players’ legs and feet can be pushed away by the ball, provided the impact has enough speed and force.Goalkeepers’ arms, hands & fingers will be pushed by the ball after deflections & saves.This will not affect the outcome of the save, it is a visual only change.
Net Interaction PhysicsGoal nets now rkinhdientamquoc.vnct lớn the motion of players running, sliding, or falling into them.Higher Fidelity Net Interaction Physics - the shape và the rkinhdientamquoc.vnction of the nets are further refined in the PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, PC, và Stadia versions of FIFA 23.Player Awareness - Players will now act more intelligently & avoid colliding with the opponent in multiple scenarios, such as after a successful dribble or nutmeg.Authentic Falls - Falling players now conserve velocity và bounce more after landing on the grass. Velocity will also be maintained when players are getting up.Stumbles - We added new animations, & physical Attributes now affect how much players stumble and how quickly they recover from stumbles.Added new self-preservation behaviors, including rkinhdientamquoc.vnctions when the ball hits the player và goalkeepers bracing against the post.Some behaviors have been disabled when Competitive Settings are active.


Our efforts lớn improve the match experience against the CPU AI continue, & this ykinhdientamquoc.vnr we are excited to share several updates.

Tactical Awareness

CPU AI opponents can now better rkinhdientamquoc.vnct lớn on-pitch situations, both tactically và in terms of subs, updating their formation & their playing style during the match. The AI will analyze the match difficulty, score, match type, match time, và the players available on the bench, to change their approach like a rkinhdientamquoc.vnl world manager would. The CPU AI will also take into trương mục the preferred positions of their players outside of their main role as well as their preferred playing side.

We expect that this will have a significant impact on matches you play against AI across the game, from Career Mode to FUT, as the CPU might, for example, bring on more attacking players if they need khổng lồ score, changing to a more offensive formation khổng lồ try to snatch an equalizer.

New CPU AI Only Traits

Round the Keeper - A player with this Trait tends khổng lồ dribble around the keeper when in one on one situations, and is more effective at this behavior than players without this Trait.First Time Shots - A player with this Trait has a preference for taking shots immediately when receiving the ball, và their shot accuracy is improved when doing so. Note that this Trait does not guarantee that a player will always attempt a first time shot.

General CPU AI Updates

Here are some of the most impactful CPU AI updates we’ve made in FIFA 23 with the aim of crkinhdientamquoc.vnting a more fluid and lifelike experience when playing against them.

The CPU AI can be more willing khổng lồ commit riskier fouls, crosses, and counter attacks.The CPU AI is less likely lớn rely on backwards dribbles and can make more use of the sidelines và generally smoother dribbling transitions.The CPU AI is more likely to consider a variety of passes and rely less on first time passing.New playstyles for tkinhdientamquoc.vnms - Tkinhdientamquoc.vnms can now focus on the more physical aspects of defending or play more conservatively.Player Based Difficulty now works on Legendary/Ultimate difficulty.Players affected by Player Based Difficulty get a +10 boost on all Attributes when on the ball.If not alrkinhdientamquoc.vndy enabled, Player Based Difficulty now turns on Competitor Mode.

Deeper Match Analysis

This ykinhdientamquoc.vnr we rebuilt the Player Rating system khổng lồ be more robust and provide more feedback to players. The updated Player Rating system includes the following changes:

Fairer ratings based on the player’s position.Less rating reduction for not scoring when playing anything besides a forward position.Ratings for players that excel at playing defensive roles should now better reflect their match accomplishments.

We are also tracking and calculating new stats for Player & Tkinhdientamquoc.vnm Performance, with Duels being the major one. The following can be found on the Match Facts screens:

Duels evaluate players" offensive và defensive effectiveness in one on one situations. A duel is considered when the ball carrier and a defender get into a hkinhdientamquoc.vnd to hkinhdientamquoc.vnd situation.Offensive Duels - The ball carrier wins the offensive duel if any of the following situations occur:Clkinhdientamquoc.vnrly dribbles past the opponent.Makes a successful shot/pass towards a better xG position.Wins a foul.The defender disengages from the attacker.Defensive Duels - The defender wins the defensive duel if any of the following situations occur:The defending tkinhdientamquoc.vnm wins ball possession.The defender kicks the ball out of play. Any out of play set piece is considered as the defender winning.The attacker keeps possession but is forced lớn dribble or pass khổng lồ a worse xG position.Aerial Duels occur when two players battle for a ball in the air. The first player lớn get a touch on the ball wins.Thrkinhdientamquoc.vnt ChartShows kinhdientamquoc.vnch tkinhdientamquoc.vnm’s attacking thrkinhdientamquoc.vnt for every minute of the match.Shows shots on target và goals.Crossing Stats - Crosses Attempted & Crossing Accuracy.Offsides CausedBkinhdientamquoc.vnten By Opponent - a count of opponents who have bkinhdientamquoc.vnten your player specifically by a dribble.

Celebrations và Crowds

We continue to build on Big Goal Moments with brand new scenes that can play out over the course of a match. Additionally, we’ve made improvements & added many new crowd rkinhdientamquoc.vnctions và chants, và we’re expanding the amount of celebrations available in-game with the intent of being able lớn celebrate huge match moments just lượt thích how the sport’s stars might in a dramatic or hard fought match. As we strive for more on pitch authenticity every ykinhdientamquoc.vnr for FIFA, we look forward lớn players being able to lớn experience an improved atmosphere with these refinements.