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Scatter sprinkles over the top of the cake & press on them gently so that they stiông xã to lớn the chocolate.
The book has questions sprinkled throughout; these are numbered và phối aside from the flow of the text.
Finally, there was a submix of other programs in which pragmatics topics were reportedly sprinkled throughout or touched on in a number of courses.
There are brilliant individual scholars sprinkled over the country, but the overall picture is bleak.
The dried chlamydospores were sprinkled over the feed pellets immediately before the animals were allowed lớn eat.
He takes issue with the way it has come khổng lồ be used as a "magical mind-dust", sprinkled upon inert objects to bring them to lớn life.
The moisture nội dung of the deposition substrate was increased by sprinkling 100 ml of water over the sand in each tray in the artificial burrows.
Quotations from those interviews are sprinkled throughout the text, giving it a firsthvà chất lượng that is rare in academic works.
A substantial number of logically plausible but inappropriate neologisms are sprinkled through the work and distract from the author"s presentation.
A minor criticism of the presentation is that rather a lot of acronyms are sprinkled around without interpretation.
She would publicly don her religious habit and walk inlớn the cell as into her grave sầu, while the presiding bisiêu thị sprinkled ashes in her wake.
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a hollow, cylinder-shaped piece of equipment used for sucking liquid out of something or pushing liquid into lớn something, especially one with a needle that can be put under the skin & used khổng lồ inject drugs, remove sầu small amounts of blood, etc.

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