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The bond between the generations was weaker và there was considerable inter-generational social mobility in both the countryside and the cities.
The findings reported here show that social mobility has some impact on geographical distance between generations & little impact on intergenerational family contacts.
This is real evidence of social mobility & a significant change in the composition of the administrative sầu elite.
Thus evidence that poverty is not always chronic is not evidence of progress towards equal social mobility.
Long focuses on the social mobility of rural migrants who moved to towns for work & finds that this was considerable.
Such an adjustment assumes that social mobility is not only naturally conserving, which is unlikely, but also symmetric, which is even less likely.
The likely motives were the desire khổng lồ preserve sầu and perpetuate the house name & maybe only a limited interest in social mobility.
Many of these respondents understood their experience of social mobility as " being needed " and found meaning in their social usefulness.
The number of veterans who succeeded in gaining some degree of economic và social mobility is difficult to lớn determine.
His mô tả tìm kiếm of " middling " values is highly prescriptive sầu, static, and defined against aspects of social mobility that he regards as inimical to lớn these values.

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