Robust là gì

(of a person or animal) svào và healthy, or (of an object or system) strong & unlikely to break or fail:

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Accounts of taking charge & assertions of robust identities tended to dominate the early interviews.
Another, potentially bigger benefit is that the inference can make program code robust against changes of types.
These findings are robust but the developmental processes underlying the connections between peer victimization & psychopathology remain unclear.
However, in the latter case grammatical analysis of the type proposed here is useful in providing a robust analysis of the best path.
Within such constraints, the precise parameter values are not critical: the qualitative sầu effects are robust within a range of parameter values.
If the structuralists are correct, then we would expect to lớn see high degrees of significance & robust negative sầu coefficients on this measure.
Worthwhile results obtained from this framework must be robust enough to lớn be independent of small numerical differences, which may be without real significance.

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When attention is turned to lớn contractionary periods, the results are somewhat less robust against the specification variations that are investigated.
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to lớn clean all of a place, especially your house, very well, including parts you bởi not often clean

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