Resettlement là gì

the act or process of helping someone move to another place khổng lồ live sầu, or the act of moving khổng lồ another place to live:

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These included arrests of suspected criminals, tracking tax evaders and, now, manning the compulsory resettlement campaigns.
In the wake of the plague, there was large-scale population resettlement, where inhabitants of the more unproductive areas left for the better, "vacant" areas.
Thirdly comes the grassroots cấp độ where local leadership is so important, especially in such vital areas as postwar trauma & if necessary resettlement.
Moreover, there was no time for complicated international agreements và large-scale resettlement plans.
With more than 50,000 persons being made homeless, the government decided in 1954 to relocate all squatters in multi-storey resettlement estates.
Observers bởi not agree about the extent khổng lồ which these effects should be blamed on involuntary villagisation & resettlement.
Research on post-disaster reconstruction has shown linkages between resettlement of survivors & religious resize.

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Stories abound in the southern highlands of late-nineteenth-century resource conflicts, migration of expelled or dissatisfied groups, & dispersal and resettlement.
My purpose in citing it here is lớn show the various ways historians have described dispersal, migration and resettlement.
Many large old hostels và resettlement units have closed, while smaller hostels with single rooms và better facilities have sầu multiplied.




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