Marriott Voyager - Management Trainee 2019 / quản ngại Trị Viên tập sự 2019
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Start Your Journey With Us - The Voyage Global Leadership Development Program Voyage: Training tomorrow’s leaders today Marriott International welcomes recent university graduates to experience the career development adventure of a lifetime và a world of leadership opportunities. Our global leadership development program, Voyage, propels participants (we call them Voyagers!) on a mentored, learning-inspired journey to lớn prepare you for a successful career. Voyage is a full-time, paid development program. As an associate & trainee, you’ll build upon the skills you developed in school by participating in real world assignments. About the journeyVoyage is an elite, award-winning program that provides a combination of hands-on, discipline-specific training & a leadership-focused curriculum. The program takes place at a Marriott International managed hotel, not a classroom, và is offered in 50+ countries. When you become a Voyager, you gain access lớn Marriott’s senior leaders và coaches và have many opportunities khổng lồ stand out. You’ll participate in mini-rotations across the disciplines to lớn learn firsthand how lớn manage various hotel functions and to connect with current & former Voyagers through our social collaboration tools. You’ll participate in our hotel simulator – a gaming và learning experience lượt thích no other. Each Voyager’s journey is unique, spanning 12-18 months dependent upon your career interests, passions, goals, & location. You’ll immediately be immersed in our rich culture & portfolio of global brands to learn how Marriott sets the standard of industry excellence.

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The experience you’ll gainVoyagers learn by doing! You’ll be fully immersed in the day-to-day operations of a hotel. If accepted into this elite program, you will: Cultivate customer relationships Be a champion for innovation within the organization Get exposure khổng lồ managing projects & people Improve processes & pitch new initiatives through your Voyage project Take on special projects that will draw upon all your trainingDestination: Marriott leadershipYou’ll participate in management meetings & collaborate with Voyagers worldwide. You’ll be expected lớn solve challenges, as well as offer ideas & innovative solutions. You will also have an opportunity to lớn provide feedback on your curriculum and have an impact on future Voyagers’ experiences. After graduation, you’ll be well-prepared to pursue your passion & take on new challenges. Many program graduates are ready to lớn step into a Marriott supervisory or entry-level management role right away, because the program has provided a foundation for future leadership.


Attractive remuneration package Inspiring workplace with amazing teammates Duty meal và Uniform provided by hotel Local & International training course Annual vacation | Annual health kiểm tra | Other benefits according to khách sạn policyCareer path in the most respected và prestigious khách sạn companies in the worldCloser step into a Marriott supervisory or entry-level management role right away, because the program has provided a foundation for future leadershipEach individual’s Voyage journey is unique, spanning 12 to lớn 18 months dependent upon your career interests, passions, goals, và location
Graduated from a university or hotel school within the past year/ 12 months. Excellent English và Passion in khách sạn management. Superior critical-thinking & interpersonal communication skills The ability lớn foster relationships và work collaboratively The ability lớn self-manage & be a self-starter A real desire for personal và professional growth.

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For application: Kindly submit the online application & assessment online for your desired division as detail below:

Vietnam properties: (copy liên kết without spaces) Revenue | http: // bit. Ly/ Vietnam Voyage Program Revenue 2019Culinary | http: // bit.ly/ Vietnam Voyage Program Culinary 2019 Finance | http: // bit. Ly/ Vietnam Voyage Program Finance 2019 Rooms | http: // bit. Ly/ Vietnam Voyage Program Rooms 2019Foods & Beverage | http: // bit. Ly/ Vietnam Voyage Program Foods Beverage 2019

*Special note: Renaissance Riverside khách sạn Saigon is now mở cửa Revenue - Marriott Voyager - Management Trainee position

2. Cambodia properties: (copy link without spaces)

Finance | http: // bit. Ly/ Cambodia Voyage Program Finance 2019

Foods & Beverage | http: // bit. Ly/ Cambodia Voyage Program Foods Beverage 2019or Send thư điện tử to rhi. Sgnbr. Humanresources
marriott.com (without spaces)


Choose & apply directly on our kinhdientamquoc.vn recruitment site in --

Note: Only qualified candidates will be contacted.

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