I've sầu been going lớn Moc spa for years và love sầu it here. Staff are great, very nice & clean. The... read more

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After a busy week, going to the Mộc Spage authority is just what you need lớn relax. You are cordially welcomed & asked for your wishes for the treatment. It is a very professional spa and highly recommended!



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All Đánh Giá oil massage hot stone fantastic mas sa professional mát xa minute mát xa lockers therapist coconut shiatsu hcmc
I enjoyed the mát xa twice. Needs lớn take some time to find the place. But u won’t regret it ! I had been a perfect night after a long walk on day time

We stopped in to this spa chăm sóc sức khỏe và làm đẹp on a very adorable street for a 60-minute essential oil mát xa. The receptionists were sweet và brought us tea & juice, had us loông chồng our belongings in lockers, và led us upstairs khổng lồ our private rooms. The whole spa làm đẹp felt very clean và well-kept, the massage therapists were very good và listened when I asked for modifications. Overall very happy with the massage and would definitely return!

So glad to have found this place.The mát xa here is really good. I wish I had more time. A thous& times better than a top 5 rated spa in the thành phố centre which I went just a day before. Location seems to lớn be slightly outside the usual high kết thúc tourist area.. but the street looked lượt thích it might be a bagpackers / Airbnb hub. I will definitely go baông xã the next time I go lớn TP HCM.

The place is clean and the mát xa therapist is very professional. The mát xa is not expensive so it is very good value for money!

Went over for a 90 min aromatherapy with hot stone mát xa at VND314,000 (after the weekday 10% discount). Everything was absolutely amazing from the cấp độ of service, cleanliness, to the mas sa itself.It’s located on a small lane, but once you step in, it feels simple yet luxurious. Very friendly counter staff, lockers for you lớn keep your valuables in, proper attire for you khổng lồ wear while you head up for your mát xa instead of the usual towels or bath robes. They also provide a form for you to lớn indicate the cấp độ of strength you wish khổng lồ have for each part of your toàn thân, or if you wish khổng lồ have sầu the oil wiped off after the massage.The massage itself was amazing. I could feel my body relaxing from all that walking just a few minutes inlớn the massage. Hot stones were well used as they used it to exert pressure at key points. Felt lượt thích I was floating after the mas sa.Tea was provided before & after the mas sa as well. Loved it so much that I went bachồng the next day for a massage again.