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method method (mĕthʹəd) noun1. A means or manner of procedure, especially a regular và systematic way of accomplishing something: a simple method for making a pie crust; mediation as a method of solving disputes. See Usage Note at methodology. 2. Orderly arrangement of parts or steps khổng lồ accomplish an end: random efforts that lack method. 3. The procedures & techniques characteristic of a particular discipline or field of knowledge: This field course gives an overview of archaeological method. 4. Method A technique of acting in which the actor recalls emotions and reactions from past experience và uses them in identifying with và individualizing the character being portrayed. Synonyms: method, system, routine, manner, mode, fashion, way. These nouns refer khổng lồ the plans or procedures followed to lớn accomplish a task or attain a goal. Method implies a detailed, logically ordered plan: "The convention system has its faults, of course, but I vì not know of a better method for choosing a presidential nominee" (Harry S. Truman). System suggests order, regularity, & coordination of methods, often affecting all parts of a whole: "Of generalship, of strategic system . . . there was little or none" (John Morley). A routine is a habitual, often tiresome method: "The comtháng business of the nation . . . is carried on in a constant routine by the clerks of the different offices" (Tobias Smollett). Manner emphasizes a personal or distinctive sầu method of action or procedure: She has a precise, clearly articulated manner of speaking. The basphối, in the manner of hunting dogs, dashed across the field, nose khổng lồ the ground. Mode often denotes a manner influenced by or arising from tradition or custom: A nomadic mode of life was typical of many peoples of the Great Plains. Fashion is often synonymous with manner và mode; it sometimes suggests highly personal, even idiosyncratic behavior: The chief of staff issued a series of orders in an arbitrary and abrasive fashion. She lịch sự, in her own inimitable fashion. Way is the least specific of these terms: "It is absurd to lớn think that the only way lớn tell if a poem is lasting is lớn wait and see if it lasts" (Robert Frost). "For she và I were long acquainted/And I knew all her ways" (A.E. Housman).

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methodmethod(n) technique, way, process, system, scheme, means, manner, routine, mode, modus approach, fashion, organization, procedure, style, practice, orderliness, order system, logic, structure, sense, reasoning, approach