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Last update: 4 years ago Version: Compatibility: 4.1 & up Author: redphx Content rating: Everyone Package name: com.codekiem.mauf


All the authors that work on this project are required khổng lồ follow our guidelines. To make the most out of the phầm mềm testing process, our authors launch it on various smartphones and tablets with not only the lachạy thử OS", but also the previous ones.

Mauf: Messenger Màu sắc và Emoji is such app that will brighten up your daily routine in the Facebook Messenger because it lets you choose any background color for your conversations. A standard messenger usually has a set of 15 colors which is indeed boring. But Mauf gives you that chance khổng lồ customize your messenger with any desired color. So why not make your Facebook Messenger a bit more personal by customizing colors starting right now?

Functionality 5/5

Mauf: Messenger Màu sắc và Emoji is an incredibly useful tiện ích that will make your conversations more colorful & brighter because it has a broad range of almost 17 million options available lớn choose from. So, after you tải về this tiện ích, you"re allowed to switch your conversation colors quickly and enjoy something new.

Mauf is also convenient because everytoàn thân who is added khổng lồ the conversations doesn’t need to install this ứng dụng on their phones khổng lồ see the changes; everything can be phối & controlled by one person. So switching a conversation’s colors is available in group chat as well. The Mauf ứng dụng will also provide you with a thousvà of beautiful Emojis you"ll just need to pick some for yourself & start using it.

Moreover, this phầm mềm has another function that shows you the quantity of all your unread texts. Therefore the Mauf app helps you to stay updated all the time & always be in touch with your conversations.

Design 4/5

Mauf: Messenger Color và Emoji has a straightforward design without any special adds in it. It’s understandable and doesn’t confuse users. This phầm mềm has a white background và a small panel with two buttons at the bottom for choosing a color or making a custom one. It also has two sections that offer collections of Mauf colors và Facebook ones.

Obviously, Mauf has a wider range of colors than Facebook can suggest you. You’ll also see a number when picking a color, so you can rethành viên it and use the next time. In the case you’re picking a custom one from a gradient, you"re allowed to phối a chất lượng number for it as well.

Usability 5/5

Mauf: Messenger màu sắc & Emoji is a super handy tiện ích và here is why:

you can install và use it without having Facebook ứng dụng or Messenger installed;it’s super easy to use, so not even one user will be confused by the app’s interface;the app can quickly transfer và apply the desired color from one dialog to lớn another as you wish.

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So one of the brighchạy thử features of Mauf is the convenience khổng lồ use it because the phầm mềm is extremely straightforward with the simple khổng lồ understand interface. Also, because it shows you the number of all your unfinished conversations you can stay tuned with your important friends or anybody toàn thân from your family members all the time. It also shows a number of your total messages in the conversations. Even if you skip a notification, you’ll see a small circle with the number of unread messages và get notified this way.

Mauf: Messenger Màu sắc & Emoji is available in multiple languages. So it can be used almost anywhere. Moreover, this app doesn’t request the roots. Thus there is no need for you to spkết thúc lots of time on downloading Mauf. The process of selecting & setting the desired color won’t also take a lot of your time because there is nothing complicated khổng lồ learn or lớn vày.

However, the Mauf ứng dụng has a significant flaw because it"s not currently possible to use Mauf with various Messenger accounts. In other words, you can"t log into the same Messenger trương mục on your several devices simultaneously. But if you logged already inkhổng lồ your Messenger tài khoản through Mauf và another device, be ready lớn thất bại all of your important data in the Messenger tiện ích on any of your old devices. When the synchronization is done, you can’t prevent Messenger from losing the data.

To download the Mauf ứng dụng and start using it, you don’t need khổng lồ register anywhere or add any personal information. Just open the Mauf ứng dụng, & you’re all set.

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Cross-platkhung use 4.5/5

Mauf: Messenger Color và Emoji is a quite cross-platkhung app because it’s available in 3 different options: as a web extension for Google Chrome, as a điện thoại ứng dụng for iOS as well as for Android. So all your friends and family using any of the platforms mentioned above can get the app or see the new colors without doing anything for it.

In-phầm mềm purchases

Mauf: Messenger màu sắc & Emoji is a miễn phí app; it doesn’t offer any in-app purchases which make it extra convenient to use và gives you the opportunity to enjoy it right after the downloading.


Mauf: Messenger Color và Emoji is an excellent tiện ích và browser extension that offers you more than just regular Facebook colors for conversations as well as gives you a thousand Emojis to lớn choose from. So after downloading this phầm mềm, you’ll be definitely not bored with your conversations anymore. But in the case when you get tired of the color just change it quickly and start enjoying the conversation’s look again.