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The book has an end piece with historical details of the real mandrake dolls together with a discussion of shipwrecks of the late 19th century.
Ligurio và servant, aided by an old alchemist, observe sầu these rules, tearing the mandrake with the help of a dog.
But being effected by the mandrake"s poison means he will forever live in a giả world of his most desired dreams.
Mandrake often goes inlớn the homes of her subjects, or photographs them on secluded đô thị streets & venues.
In fact, if touched by human hands, the mandrake would immediately poisoned the blood of his fingers, bringing the poor binder lớn death.
Comtháng garden flowers were the mandrake và the daisy, chrysanthemum, anemone, và poppy, jasmine, & the rose.
In the past, mandrake was often made into amulets which were believed to bring good fortune, cure sterility, etc.
Mandrake also possesses psychic & telekinetic powers, can turn invisible, shapeshift, and teleport periodically.
In fact, the mandrake, once extracted by force from the ground, would have sầu screamed inhumanly, with the risk of piercing the ears of collectors.

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a cylinder-shaped device for making objects that are far away look closer & larger, using a combination of lenses, or lenses và curved mirrors

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