Cheat Gta San, Tổng Hợp Mã Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

The Hydra in GTA San Andreas is one of the best vehicles in the game, but how khổng lồ fly the Hydra isn’t quite as simple as it might seem.

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The Hydra controls are finicky, và it’s easy to lớn crash if you’re not careful. Still, with this kind of speed & power, the risk of fiery death is surely worth it. If you’re flying, you may as well be flying the best. Hydra is the fastest plane in San Andreas và one of the more versatile since it can hover và has powerful weaponry.

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GTA San Andreas Hydra locations

The Hydra can spawn in three potential locations.

San Fierro aircraft carrierLas Venturas restricted areaThe abandoned airstrip north of the restricted area, after you complete “Vertical Bird.”

If you’re playing on PC, you can also command jumpjet to make one appear.

On PlayStation và Xbox, you can use the code Triangle/ Y, Triangle/ Y, Square/ X, Circle/ B, X/ A, L1/ LB, L1/ LB, Down, Up lớn make a Hydra appear out of thin air.

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How to lớn get the Hydra in GTA San Andreas

Once you find the Hydra, you just get in. It’s a trò chơi with vehicle theft in the title, after all.

How to fly the Hydra in GTA San Andreas


Hydra controls are a bit more involved than most vehicles, though.

Raise/lower landing gearRise higher/lowerControl jetSpeed up/hoverSlow down
PlayStationPress right stickXLeft stickMove right stick forward/return stick khổng lồ positionPull right stick back
XboxPress right stickALeft stickMove right stick forward/return stick khổng lồ positionPull right stick back
PC"+" or 2Up/down keysQ/EW/2S

When you take off, you need to raise your landing gear. On console, use the right stick to adjust the thrusters và speed up, or you can hover if you want. You"ll need to lớn lower the landing gear & start to lớn slow down if you want lớn land (without dying). It"s also worth noting Hydra is very fast and not necessarily suitable for every situation, though if you need to lớn get to lớn your girlfriend quickly, there are few better choices.

While using the Hydra might feel like cheating, it"s nothing compared to lớn GTA San Andreas" actual cheats. Hydra"s guns won"t save you once your on foot again either, so you"ll want lớn brush up on San Andreas" best weapons too.