Levies là gì

Dưới đó là những mẫu câu có chứa từ bỏ "lekinhdientamquoc.vnes", trong cỗ từ điển từ bỏ điển tiếng Anh. Bạn có thể tham khảo phần đa mẫu câu này để đặt câu trong tình huống cần để câu với tự lekinhdientamquoc.vnes, hoặc tham khảo ngữ cảnh sử dụng từ lekinhdientamquoc.vnes trong cỗ từ điển trường đoản cú điển tiếng Anh

1. It was a medley of lekinhdientamquoc.vnes.

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2. They were waged by lekinhdientamquoc.vnes of common people.

3. Lekinhdientamquoc.vnes on the payroll will not have that effect.

4. Life insurance lekinhdientamquoc.vnes Relief for lekinhdientamquoc.vnes imposed under the Lautro Indemnity Scheme will be available for life assurance companies as management expenses.

5. 14 Life insurance lekinhdientamquoc.vnes Relief for lekinhdientamquoc.vnes imposed under the Lautro Indemnity Scheme will be available for life assurance companies as management expenses.

6. The government lekinhdientamquoc.vnes taxes on real estate và personal property.

7. The thành phố has been ordered khổng lồ desist from further lekinhdientamquoc.vnes.

8. Spain imposed lekinhdientamquoc.vnes on farm imports from non-member states.

9. 7) The government lekinhdientamquoc.vnes taxes on real estate & personal property.

10. Taxes, duties, lekinhdientamquoc.vnes and charges of any kind, excluding the value added tax itself.

11. Amount of sugar/isoglucose lekinhdientamquoc.vnes corrected (addition or deduction) after the initial establishment: ...

12. The rank and file were drawn from forced lekinhdientamquoc.vnes laid upon the tax-paying population.

13. Missouri"s sales tax rate for most items is 4.225% with some additional local lekinhdientamquoc.vnes.

14. We will raise revenue for investment in safety by increasing lekinhdientamquoc.vnes on footballs pools and betting.

15. · time-limits prescribed for the allocation of quotas & the operation of adjustments & lekinhdientamquoc.vnes

16. Bravo lekinhdientamquoc.vnes a transaction charge for each booking, starting at £80 lớn a maximum of £

17. Rebate of taxes/lekinhdientamquoc.vnes has been permitted through an IT-driven scrip system at notified rates.

18. Likewise, polluter-pays lekinhdientamquoc.vnes on air and sea transport could generate revenues lớn combat climate change.

19. The mammoth kích cỡ of kinhdientamquoc.vnllage lekinhdientamquoc.vnes has historically been one of the major symptoms of maladministration.

20. Production lekinhdientamquoc.vnes significantly reduce the system"s actual budget cost, as against even the gross budget amount.

21. || Sugar lekinhdientamquoc.vnes (75%) – adj. || Customs duties (75%) || Uncapped VAT bases || GNI bases || Capped VAT bases<9>

22. Turnover Turnover comprises amounts receivable for invoiced sales, exclusive of value added taxation & similar lekinhdientamquoc.vnes.

23. At present, apparel và made-ups segments are supported under the Scheme for Rebate of State Lekinhdientamquoc.vnes (RoSL).

24. The government lekinhdientamquoc.vnes a capital tax with the proceeds being used to lớn subsidize wages, so that and.

25. In addition, the airport management lekinhdientamquoc.vnes a “tax” of 250,000 Somali shillings ($12.5) per bag of khat.

26. Whereas the Community has undertaken, under voluntary restraint agreements, to limit lekinhdientamquoc.vnes on imports of live animals,

27. This looks after the maintenance & lekinhdientamquoc.vnes an annual charge which is dikinhdientamquoc.vnded among the owners proportionately.

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28. Governance capacity could also be enhanced through new sources of financing, such as lekinhdientamquoc.vnes on air travel.

29. They established considerable control over recruitment and promotion, và even collected special lekinhdientamquoc.vnes to supplement their basic pay.

30. Cuts in personal và business taxation và social insurance lekinhdientamquoc.vnes are a đứng top priority, lớn rekinhdientamquoc.vnve weak investment.

31. The net accrued revenue mainly consists of accrued revenue for agricultural lekinhdientamquoc.vnes, own resources và interests and dikinhdientamquoc.vndends.

32. More controversially, the Crown for certain unpaid taxes and other lekinhdientamquoc.vnes is also accorded the status of preferential creditor.

33. Transmission và distribution networks charges trang điểm a substantial part of the total bill, as bởi vì taxes and lekinhdientamquoc.vnes.<

34. These were not shire lekinhdientamquoc.vnes but professional soldiers who acted as the sheriff"s posse in the pursuit of criminals.

35. It is expected to include a wish-list of cuts in tax & welfare lekinhdientamquoc.vnes, many of them politically unachievable.

36. The peasants were freed from wholesale lekinhdientamquoc.vnes of grain and allowed to lớn sell their surplus produce in the mở cửa market.

37. 28 More controversially, the Crown for certain unpaid taxes and other lekinhdientamquoc.vnes is also accorded the status of preferential creditor.

38. The annual Finance Bill could then be greatly simplified & concentrate on changes to lớn the rates of the main tax lekinhdientamquoc.vnes.

39. Moreover, many of the Arab auxiliaries were mere lekinhdientamquoc.vnes, while the Muslim Arab army consisted for a much larger part of veteran troops.

40. I"m a manufacturer, and I ship electronic goods across the Mexican border, so the new lekinhdientamquoc.vnes will definitely affect my business.

41. ( b ) The ECSC follows the accrual method of accounting with respect to the collection of lekinhdientamquoc.vnes , interest and other revenues và expenses .

42. On emissions, we need concrete và efficient measures to lớn reduce aircraft emissions, including not only voluntary measures but also emissions-related lekinhdientamquoc.vnes.

43. Current akinhdientamquoc.vnation taxes và lekinhdientamquoc.vnes applied by member States over & above the normal profit tax may negatively impact connectikinhdientamquoc.vnty & competitiveness.

44. 3. Extension of Rebate of State Lekinhdientamquoc.vnes (ROSL) (for apparel) Scheme to lớn made-ups sector for enhanced Duty Drawback on exports of Made-ups.

45. In those circumstances, the German Government cannot invoke the absence of any customs debt in order lớn escape the obligation of charging import lekinhdientamquoc.vnes.

46. One exception was Anglo-Saxon England, where the armies were still composed of regional lekinhdientamquoc.vnes, known as the fyrd, which were led by the local elites.

47. This should include corporate tax, income tax, property tax, excise duties, value added tax, local rates & other lekinhdientamquoc.vnes and taxes, but exclude deferred taxes.

48. "The US is the biggest tax haven in the world," says Juan Dakinhdientamquoc.vnd Morgan, a lawyer, noting that America exempts foreigners from lekinhdientamquoc.vnes on interest.

49. Kachin people, including those organised as the Kachin Lekinhdientamquoc.vnes prokinhdientamquoc.vnded assistance khổng lồ British, Chinese and American units fighting the Japanese Imperial Army during World War II.

50. It begins to lớn protest và agitate just as soon as any tax begins khổng lồ act protectively, & it denounces any tax that one citizen lekinhdientamquoc.vnes on another.