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To illustrate a possible impact of broadening the tax base, we study the case of increasing the effective indirect tax on urban sectors by five sầu percentage points.
This was partly due lớn a number of temporary or one-off factors, including higher oil prices, indirect tax increases & adverse weather conditions.
Even in terms of the impact of the indirect tax changes upon the retail price index, that charge, in my judgment, cannot be made out.
I regret that it is not possible lớn discriminate in favour of a particular group in administering an indirect tax of this kind.
Estimates of indirect tax payments are not generally reliable for households at this cấp độ of earnings.
If that is so, how much of our indirect tax system is not to lớn be considered as state aid & an unfair advantage?
Indirect tax increases have been substantially reduced, the mortgage rate is falling and many firms will begin to destoông xã in the coming months.
It will become a double indirect tax, which will not achieve sầu the purposes which ought lớn be served by taxation.
Most people will pay some tax, either on their income or through expenditure on goods subject lớn indirect tax.
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a circular or oval area of ground around which rows of seats are arranged on a steep slope, for watching plays, sports, etc. outside

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