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Exciting, emotionally resonant, và beautifully animated, How to lớn Train Your Dragon 2 builds on its predecessor"s successes just the way a sequel should. Read critic Review

How lớn Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World
The Jungle Book
Kubo & the Two Strings

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Oof, that was Rotten.

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Meh, it passed the time.

It’s good – I’d recommkết thúc it.


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Five sầu years have passed since Hiccup & Toothless united the dragons & Vikings of Berk. Now, they spend their time charting the island"s unmapped territories. During one of their adventures, the pair discover a secret cave that houses hundreds of wild dragons -- & a mysterious Long rider who turns out khổng lồ be Hiccup"s long-lost mother, Valka (Cate Blanchett). Hiccup and Toothless then find themselves at the center of a battle lớn protect Berk from a power-hungry warrior named Drago.
Hiccup: Who knows, maybe we"ll finally traông chồng down another night fury... Won"t that be something.
Hiccup: Who knows, maybe we"ll finally traông xã down another night fury. Won"t that be something.

Hiccup: A chief protects his own! We"re going back!
Tuffnut: Uhhh, with what?
Ruffnut: Uhhh, he took all the dragons.
Hiccup: Not all of them.