Hole là gì

an empty space in an object, usually with an opening to lớn the object"s surface, or an opening that goes completely through an object:

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In golf, a hole is one of the small hollow spaces in the ground into which the ball is hit, or one of the usually 18 areas of play:
At compile-time, we perform register allocation of these templates khổng lồ produce machine-code templates with holes.
In other words, any change lớn the function"s templates or holes may affect how its parent needs to lớn generate the function.
An enlarged view of those spines (fig. 6 inset) show that they are located in crater-like holes in the tegument.
chú ý the development of a primary street consisting of six large holes và a secondary street consisting of six small holes.
A complimentary concept concerns topological derivatives <123, 124>, which measure the variation with respect to lớn the nucleation of holes.
On two separate occasions, holes were cut into the second floor for the burial of two adult individuals.
The issues are the closure of diagnostic holes in the hohlraum wall or the use of laze entrance holes for diagnosis.
A diameter of six tia laze entrance holes were 0.6 milimet for a hohlraum 2 mm in diameter & 0.7 milimet for a 4-mm hohlraum.
core holes, charge disorder, và transition from metallic to lớn plasma properties in ultrashort pulse irradiation of metals.
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At the beginning of a trial, an experimenter put the disc in the circular hole và encouraged the subject khổng lồ take it off.
Sadly, that is done through the usual channels—that dark hole that many people refer to from time to time.
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