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Salon Sanitation - What Sets Us Apart From Any Other Nail Salon in Florida!

While other salons use a magnetic reusable jet in their pedicure chair, Galaxy Nail Studio at 10117 W Oakl& Park Blvd in Sunrise, Florida uses the world"s only disposable pedicure jet designed & patented by Contego Spa Designs. We are currently the first và only nail salon in the Florida area lớn use this next-generation pedicure chair. This thiết kế helps prevent the spread of infectious diseases and cross contamination between clients. The single use pedicure jet liner contains two jet tubes to lớn provide a relaxing foot mas sa without reusing products between clients. Afterwards, both the Contego liner và the tubing are completely 100% disposed. Every service begins with a NEW Disposable Jet Liner và you will never have sầu khổng lồ nói qua your pedicure service with anyone ever again. Rest assured, you"ll be in safe hands at our salon! Contego"s pedicure chairs are the first & ONLY pedicure chairs to lớn be endorsed by the renowned International Pedicure Association. We want to lớn maximize safety and comfort & help minimize risks of infection.Many of us have heard of someone or even have sầu developed an infection after a nail service. In keeping with our commitment khổng lồ cleanliness, safety, & hygiene, we sterilize và sanitize our equipment before all services và treatments. Medical-grade quality sterilizers are used for sterilizing metal components to kill microorganisms.

Each client will receive sầu a single use kit including file, buffer, và pumice to lớn make your manicure và pedicure safe và clean. Last but not least, a single-use plastic pedicure disposable liner from Contego Spage authority Designs also helps prsự kiện the spread of bacteria & cross contamination between clients.

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Be more beautiful & stylish with our manicure và pedicure services. Take the time from your busy schedule khổng lồ help your hands, feet, và nails look their best.

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Waxing, Eyelashes và Eyebrows

Indulge yourself with our executive sầu treatments including waxing, eyelash extensions & tinting, and eyebrow threading and tinting.


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We offer multiple facial & skin treatments from our Licensed Aesthetician. We also offer mas sa therapy services. We kindly request that Facial and Massage services be appointment-based.

Party & Private Room

We all would love sầu to lớn have a tiệc ngọt at Galaxy Nail Studio! Birthday parties (adult or kids), bridal showers, bachelor or bachelorette parties, office parties, and more can be done here! BYOB is offered & food can be catered in! Please inquire for details and booking.

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