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considering future developments when making plans, especially in relation to lớn using modern methods or equipment:
a forward looking approach/attitude/view They need a more forward-looking approach that emphasizes energy efficiency, conservation, và renewable sources.

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a forward-looking company/organization My intention is khổng lồ build a successful, highly forward-looking organization.
forward-looking indicators/information/statements The forward-looking indicators have sầu pointed khổng lồ a sharp slowdown in the economy.
As in the preceding section, the forward-looking solutions of transition paths are computed backward, starting from the last period of the transition. 15.
On a backward-looking basis, real rates still remained negative sầu but, depending on estimation methods, rose sharply forward-looking.
A celebratory special issue is not proposed, but rather that several reflective and forward-looking contributions are published throughout the year.
This means that these forward-looking individuals are more likely to lớn make an active sầu investment decision in the new pension system.
These studies, which analyzed one-step forward-looking systems, showed that any stationary equilibrium can be locally stable.
To accommodate these constraints, forward-looking behaviour is incorporated in consumption & investment decisions.
In case of shocks, the forward-looking wage adjusts to lớn alleviate the impact and consequences of the shock.
This indicates the existence of a relation between forward-looking behavior and individuals" willingness to make an active investment decision.
Thus, on these accounts, while desert is a backward-looking determinant of the good, it is compatible with forward-looking theories of the right.
The concessionaire is a forward-looking agent who "mines" the timber in a single pass và seeks khổng lồ maximize the net present value of logging profits.
Historians in recent years have sầu emphasized the defensive sầu reaction but have overlooked the forward-looking cross-currents.
It is the result of another, equally fundamental, consequentiacác mục assumption, to lớn wit, that deliberation should be forward-looking.
Because it is quite difficult lớn estimate a state-space mã sản phẩm with forward-looking behaviors, we just consider backward-looking behaviors in this section.
Our index incorporates this proposal và rewards pension funds that run forward-looking găng tests (12).
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