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The forearms are held upraised from the elbows, and the "hands" are slightly extended in a grasping or attaông chồng position.
In reality of course the angles and will be nonlinear functions of high-dimensional neural population vectors corresponding to arm and forearm muscle parameters.
Forearm readings were avoided after experiencing difficulties due to the presence of hair in some subjects và superficial veins in others.
An initial screening exam was performed by questionnaire & by direct palpation of the forearm during requested finger motions.
Tracking errors: (top) upperarm; (bottom) forearm; solid line for the case with feedbaông xã stabilizing; dotted line for the case without feedbachồng stabilizing.
However, mass và forearm length vì not have sầu a linear relationship with toàn thân surface area, which is the variable of interest in these analyses.
As a result the forearm và wrist movements were abolished and the handle position was standard over all trials.
There are three link included, the forearm and the upper arm link which are of a constant length, and the shoulder links which is expandable.
In the programmed mode, the subject"s forearm on the weaker side is comfortably strapped lớn a trough, with the h& gripping a vertical handle.
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