Diagonal là gì

A diagonal line is straight and sloping, not horizontal or vertical, for example joining two opposite corners of a square or other flat shape with four sides:

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Similarly, the number of points can be further increased by successively considering diagonals of different parallelograms as the reference line.
They are placed over the mã sản phẩm diagonals to lớn exploit frequent symmetries in the objects used as landmarks.
By scaling the diagonals of rectangles lớn a comtháng length ab, the locus of vertices of the rectangles is obtained as a circle of diameter ab.
Then it is one of the attractive sầu features of the cell-vertex method in two dimensions that only the components of the quadrilateral diagonals appear in the residual.
To see this, note that (absent ties) the only way to have multiple equilibria is to lớn have two equilibrium outcomes along one of the diagonals of the matrix.
The thichồng diagonal line separates the traditional orientations ofprocessual archaeology (left) from those of post-processual archaeology (right).
Obviously, matrix is not diagonal in general but it is often assumed khổng lồ be diagonal in practice & takes damping ratios as its diagonal components.
The pentagram bản đồ takes a given polygon, finds the intersections of the shortest diagonals of the polygon, and constructs a new polygon from these intersections.
The infill between the top & bottom rails and the vertical supports is a series of interlocking diagonals, although rectilinear designs exist as well.
As with the 208 field, cone contrasts calculated with respect to lớn the perceived background appear closer khổng lồ the diagonal.
A so-called crossed rectangle is a crossed (self-intersecting) quadrilateral which consists of two opposite sides of a rectangle along with the two diagonals.

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