Degraded là gì

khổng lồ cause people lớn feel that they or other people have sầu no value & bởi not have the respect or good opinion of others:

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If the unique of something electrical or electronic degrades or is degraded, it becomes less good or less correct.
They demanded respect for their social rights và not khổng lồ be degraded to the role of being recipients of poor relief.
Their presence supports the possibility that secreted proteins are partially degraded during the culture period.
In the clear (no-noise) condition vs. proved khổng lồ be the hardest discrimination but performance was not degraded much further in noise.
Experiments showed that the efficiency gain in parsing time & grammar kích cỡ was notable, và yet the goodness in probabilistic grammars was barely degraded.
If rapid changes are presented lớn the system, their representation in the Mã Sản Phẩm domain will be degraded, often resulting in poor synthesis chất lượng.
The degree khổng lồ which the tracking ability degrades is a function of the degree of risk aversion & the amount of risk.
Timevarying currents & magnetic fields in superconductors however, generate thermal energy, degrading their ability to lớn conduct supercurrents.
As aqueous levels are reduced by microbial action, the cells "squeeze" additional substrate from the organic sponge, until the target molecule has been completely degraded.
On the other hvà, both enzymes degraded human serum proteins (albumin & fibrinogen) with approximately equal efficiency under the conditions of our assays in vitro.

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Restrictions on daily living were reinforced by deteriorating public space, a hàng hóa of abandoned buildings, degraded infrastructure, và the loss of local businesses.
Bedding surfaces may contain relatively coarse, heavily weathered, volcanic clasts, degraded ash particles & mica flakes.
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