Deduction Là Gì

the process of reaching a decision or answer by thinking about the known facts, or the decision that is reached:

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the calculation of taking an amount or a part of something away from a total or the amount that is taken away:
the process of learning something by considering a general phối of facts and thinking about how something specific relates to them:
an amount or part taken away from a total, esp. an expense that you bởi not have sầu khổng lồ pay taxes on, or the process of taking away an amount or part:
the process of taking away an amount or a part of something from a total, or the amount that is taken:
The tax & social security authorities normally insist upon deduction of payments và contributions at source.
Household insurance policies tover to lớn replace lost or stolen items on a "new for old" basis, while travel policies tend to make deductions for wear và tear.
the process of taking away particular costs from the amount of money that you have sầu earned before you pay tax on it, or the costs that are taken away:
Unlike traditional partial deduction, which considers only atoms for partial deduction, conjunctive sầu partial deduction attempts to lớn specialize entire conjunctions of atoms.
If the knowledge base represents statements in some firstorder xúc tích, then dialogue theory for thiết kế is simply a theorem prover for deduction in that xúc tích.
Consequently, dialogue theory for thiết kế must be equipped with decision procedures based on rules that allow new assertions and invalidate old deductions.
For instance, while classical partial deduction with (almost) determinate unfolding performs badly on highly nondeterministic programs, this is no longer true for conjunctive sầu partial deduction.
The proof makes use of some properties of deductions that allows us to lớn construct new deductions from existing ones.
This is easily verified because the statement holds for the equations in the aforementioned table, & is preserved by the rules of equational deduction.
This survey and tutorial presents the main developments in controlling partial deduction over the past 10 years và analyses their respective sầu merits and shortcomings.
In deduction modulo, the notions of language, term & proposition are that of many-sorted first-order lô ghích.