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They are not asking to lớn be coddled, but they point out that they simply cannot compete with a rice-bowl economy.

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The dorm and others like it have created somewhat of a controversy, with detractors saying it represents a step further of coddling the younger generation.
The temperature was hot, & the b& members were used to lớn being left alone, if not coddled, by the prison staff.
In the past, recipes called for coddling fruit, but in recent times the term is usually only applied to coddled eggs.
By making a hàng hóa xinh đẹp, the nucleus accumbens in the human brain is targeted & elicits a protective sầu or coddling response, which encourages an individual to lớn acquire (purchase) said thành công.
Attrebus has been coddled his whole life, và has inflated opinions of his abilities and standings, learning his friends loathe hlặng, and his combat training was carefully orchestrated babysitting.
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