Captain là gì

an officer"s rank in the British army or navy, or in the US air force, Marine Corps, Coast Guard, or the US police and fire departments:

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a naval officer of high rank, above sầu a commander, or a military officer of middle rank, above sầu a lieutenant
Policies lớn increase technical efficiency can operate through captains" training & extension programs.
Perhaps most noteworthy was the scarcity of farm labourers aý muốn the lieutenants, captains, và commandants who ran the movement in the parishes.
Nowhere in these documents is the foolhardy riverboat captain or locomotive engineer told directly why he should slow down.
They also entertained those naval captains who successfully escorted convoys, rewarding them with presents & personally congratulating them in published resolutions in the newspapers.
Before the war, recently promoted majors had served as captains for an average of five sầu years and four months.
There separate giao dịch could be cut with local coastal authorities, & if the price wasn"t right the captain could simply move sầu on.
However, when one examines this letter in the context of his other correspondence, the captain is revealed khổng lồ be a malnội dung.
Upon reflection, it should be apparent that the captain of the boat is committed to acting in accordance with meshing subplans.
His officials did not permit captains of ships to export food-grains beyond what were needed for actual consumption by those on board the ships.
When the captain tied down the boiler safety valve, the engines generated enormous và sometimes boiler-exploding power.
The probate records of army captains, lieutenants & surgeons burst with popular histories, travel narratives, classical texts, poetry and the lathử nghiệm works of fiction.

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Naval captains balked at allowing scientists and engineers without any experience at sea lớn kiến thiết ships.
A non-owner captain operating in marine fisheries has avenues lớn demonstrate behavior contrasting to lớn that found in agriculture.
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