Attest là gì

Thousands of people came out onlớn the streets khổng lồ atthử nghiệm their tư vấn for the democratic opposition tiệc nhỏ.

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specialized The will needs lớn be attested (= officially marked to lớn show that the signature of the person who made the will is correct) by three witnesses.

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(of a person) lớn state with authority that something is true, or (of a situation or event) to lớn show that something is likely khổng lồ be true:
< + that clause > As one who worked there for years, I can atkiểm tra that applications are carefully reviewed.
atchạy thử khổng lồ sth The commission demands that Chief Financial Officers personally atchạy thử to lớn the accuracy of their financial statements.
Cases of languages in liên hệ that have sầu replaced this class of items on a wholesale basis are widely attested.
This trương mục might receive further support if the verbs actually attested with habitual bởi vì tended to have action nouns based on them.
Many of the patterns visible in prehistoric material either attest structures or else are the cumulative hàng hóa of countless repetitive and routinised actions.
There should be some plausible linguistic or extralinguistic explanation for the mismatch between the predicted and attested types.
These perceptual assimilations, moreover, are attested even in highly proficient bilinguals, and they resist specific training.
That this is not an uncommon situation is attested to lớn by the experience of the first author in a commercial setting.!
A photograph graphically captures the scene as vì chưng others that attest to the neglect of the countryside in the same period.
In addition, the volume also attests khổng lồ an intellectual ambition & hardness of thought which critics couldn"t acknowledge or didn"t see.
For centuries, notes on linguistic habits have sầu attested to the existence of this variation & its social value.
Although the same or similar tonological processes are attested in geographically unrelated tone languages, this is not to say that all tone languages are alike.
An anonymous reviewer points out that the degree of nasalisation on vowels is in fact attested khổng lồ be contrastive in some languages.
Precious metal coinages & the mass disbursements of imported wine, attested in a few regions archaeologically, fit comfortably inlớn an analysis of this kind.
Semantic differentiations were attested in only one marginal example sentence & presumably played a negligible role in the evolution of the reinforced comparative.
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a place where aircraft regularly take off and lvà, with buildings for passengers to wait in

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