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My usage of " abstract " here as simply the antonym khổng lồ " concrete " is in line with contemporary popular usage rather than early modern technical usage.
Unlượt thích traditional hard-to-use thesauruses, online easy-to-use references reach the target information directly with alphabetically arranged synonyms or antonyms with both brief definitions and usage information.
A good comm& of synonyms, antonyms & other related words adds to lớn the stylistic elegance of a text.
A negation lexical operator is implemented with the antonym relation, linking words with opposite meanings.
As we have seen, substitutions of antonyms are thought lớn belong khổng lồ a broader category of oppositional substitutions, which also comprises discourse opposites.
And, the word "diehard" has two negative sầu parts but turns out khổng lồ be positive sầu compared lớn its antonym "pushover".
Words can either be direct antonyms, as in this boy is svào, but this boy is weak, or can be less explicit.
The antonym "anisosyllabic" is gaining ground in linguistics, although it still remains a neologism.
As word association distributions supposedly represent conceptual similarity, it is assumed that the underlying representations for antonyms are conceptual in nature.
The bureaucrat is a figure nearly universally drawn in modern political theory as an antonym of heroic action.
It consisted of five sầu pairs of antonyms that were applied to lớn each population group (variables 8 and 9).

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We show how to objectively identify useful, but not obvious, keyword that may not be lexically related, for example, as synonyms và antonyms.
As for an inclusive sầu collective sầu term, there is much to lớn be said for calling these services " private " policing, as the antonym of " public " policing.
These examples are from corpora and from sources on the web. Any opinions in the examples bởi not represent the opinion of the editors or of University Press or its licensors.




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